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Over the 10 years I have known Maria, I have watched her excel in every endeavor she undertakes. She is a gifted program manager, group facilitator, conference presenter and community organizer. She is able to manage extremely complex projects and mobilize teams to work together to reach their goals. Maria also understands the root causes of many societal problems such as family violence, poverty, chemical dependency and is working with key decision-makers to change our policies and services to better respond to the forces that can tear families apart. Most important, Maria always brings tremendous heart to her work and her energy and commitment has been an inspiration to many.

-Linda L. McDaniels, Associate Director
, Parent Trust for Washington Children

“I have deep respect and admiration for Maria’s management, networking and problem solving skills. We have a well developed Child Abuse Prevention program that is sustainable due to many of her contributions and her ability to work well as part of a team. She was Program Director for three programs geared toward Family Education and Support and managed our Outreach Team that was an innovative commitment to Early Learning. She excels in many domains, from working directly with clients, assessing issues and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives, to working with funders and grantors and key leaders in our community.”

- Maureen McGrath, Agency Director
Catholic Family & Child Service

Maria is always willing to take on and successfully handles new responsibilities and challenges. In the 7 years we have known each other, she routinely demonstrated a positive attitude and problem solving ability. Maria is a skilled trainer and facilitator and good communicator. When serving on statewide groups, she clearly articulates the needs, desires and concerns of those in her community.”

- Agda Burchard, Executive Director,
Washington Association for the Education of Young Children


2011 Lee Ann Miller Award
Children's Justice Conference

2008 Governor's Award for
Early Learning Advisory Council

2006 Governor's Award for
Commitment to the
Early Learning Council

2004 Governor's Award for Organizational Learning and Growth and Public Benefit and Value


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